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Repeatable Element

Group a number of elements and let user repeat many times.

Matrix Elements

Get data in tabular format and optionally calculate through mathematical evaluator.

Signature Element

Capture natural signature through touch devices or mouse.

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GPS Locator

Google API based GPS locator to get user location.

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Mathematical Evaluator

Calculate complex formula and estimate cost based on user selection and input.

AJAX File Uploader

AJAX powered fileuploader with optional integration to WordPress Media.

Automatic Page Progress

Auto progress to next page if current page validates. Optionally submit form on last page.

Auto Progress Save

Form data is saved as user fills in. The data stays for 30 days on user's browser and restores automatically.

Multi page form

Tabular or paginated appearance with optional progressbar. Every page is validated before moving to next page.

Send to Custom URL

Send form data with selected elements to custom URL via http POST or GET. Change query parameters and optionally send array type data.

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Publish leaderboard to show off how your users are doing with quizzes.

myCRED Reward System

An easy points and badge management system for WordPress. Reward points for eForm score, mathematical evaluators or just for submitting.

Timer & Stopwatch

Limit timing by timer and record timing by stopwatch.

Scoring on MCQs & Text

Automatic scoring on MCQ elements, manual scoring on text elements. Score based rank, designation, custom message redirection & more.

Standalone Embed Pages

Standalone forms for direct sharing or embedding through iframe. Search Engine friendly with pretty URL and optional meta & open graph data.

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URL Tracking

Track submissions by appending query parameters in the URL. Share form and results with the same query parameters through facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest and more.

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Social Sharing

Seamless sharing with custom message and image to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

SQL & Revision Control

Export all submissions to dedicated SQL table with revision control for submission updates.

Exporter for eForm

Export reports to XLSX, CSV and attach submissions with PDF.

Google Analytics

Live Event tracking with custom dimension support for forms.

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Publish Live Reports

Charts and datatables for MCQ and Freetype elements. Publish on site or view from admin.