Payment and cost Estimator.

eForm comes built with modern payment solution. Easily create single-page checkout forms for maximum conversion. Collect payments from Stripe, PayPal, Bank Transfer or simply connect with WooCommerce.
Payment and cost Estimator.


Single page checkout with estimation slider, payment table and credit card payment.


Easily integrate with WooCommerce. Change product price and attributes on the fly.


Stripe subscription models for your existing customers for recurring payment.

Easy third party integration.

Creating conversion forms is very easy with eForm third-party integration. We have built-in capability for leading newsletter providers. With zapier and webhooks you can even roll your own.
Easy third party integration.


Create a custom API end-point of your own and let eForm bring submission payload.


Leading providers like MailChimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, MyMail, Sendy etc.


Don’t wait til user submits the form. Capture & add email and name as soon as they enter.

Automatic quiz tools.

eForm is jam packed with tools to create your own online quizzes. From MCQs to text entries to sortable lists, we have you covered. eForm automatically calculates scores and show designation based on score range.
Automatic quiz tools.


Automatic and manual score is available for all MCQ elements and text input elements.


Restrict quiz timing or simply record time taken by your users automatically.


List best performing users on your website. Great for promotion and engagement.

User management for login & registration.

eForm integrates with WordPress user system. With eForm, you can create sexy looking registration forms with support of custom metadata. All you need to do is enable the feature.
User management for login & registration.


If your site supports registration, then take it to the next level with beautiful fields and metadata.


eForm provides a custom user portal, where your users can check their form submissions.


Login form doesn’t have to be boring with eForm. It works with third-party social integrations.

Great tooling for reports & statistics.

There’s no fun in data collection without graphs and charts. eForm comes with built-in tools to convert your submission data into nice visual charts in the way you want. Be it pie, line or bar, we have you covered. You can even download them for offline use.
Great tooling for reports & statistics.


Generate reports of your forms filtered by score, date, metadata with custom charts.


With exporter add-on installed, you can download reports in xlsx, pdf, html or csv.


If you want to show the reports to the world, simply use a shortcode or gutenberg block.

Accept guest blog from anyone.

eForm can provide a fun front-end publishing experience for your WordPress site. With the help of Guest Blog element, you can accept blog posts from anyone, without having them login. This works for custom post types too.
Accept guest blog from anyone.


eForm guest blog completely supports featured image with the upload element.


Be it custom taxonomy or built-in categories and tags, with eForm, your users can select them.


If you have some sort of custom field workflow, then convert any element to a metadata field.

Create adventure workflow for your surveys.

Submitting eForm could be an adventure. With conditional logic, piping and custom redirection, you can create really fun forms for your users. With personal touch forms always convert more.
Create adventure workflow for your surveys.


Hide or show element based on other elements. Group multiple logics with AND/OR.


Dynamically alter label of your elements based on user input. Give a personal touch.


Redirect based on score, conditional logic or simply to a page when upon submission.