Releasing eForm version 4.7

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We are thrilled to announce the release of eForm version 4.7.0. In this version, we focused on some improvements under the hood and we came up with the followings. Using new WooCommerce API WooCommerce v3 comes with a new CRUD API. Starting eForm v4.7, the new APIs and filters will be used. This gave us […]

Releasing eForm Version 4.6.0

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We are happy to announce the release of eForm v4.6.0. It comes with improved user experience, faster form builder and some form design improvements. Form builder improvements We have further improved the overall UX of the form builder which we introduced in version 4.5. While doing so, we rewrote the whole architecture code and now […]

eForm v4.5 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of v4.5. Many of you know that internally we are working on eForm v5. But it is not ready yet, because we have decided to rewrite it from scratch. So in the meanwhile, instead of leaving our existing product as-is, we’ve prepared some quick treats. Live Form […]

eForm Version 4.2.1

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We are releasing eForm version 4.2.1 today with a few enhancements and bug fixes. Enhance Pricing Table to include Piping Elements. Fix an issue with hidden element inside containers with multiple conditional logic. You might have noticed that we haven’t released updates for quite a while now. The reason is, we are building a new […]

eForm Version 4.2.0 Released

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It’s been a while since our last update to eForm. Today we are proud to announce that eForm Version 4.2 has been released. This release has 3 new features, 2 enhancements and 4 bug fixes. Offline Payment Gateway Integration This has been one of the most requested feature. With eForm version 4.2 you can implement […]

Releasing eForm version 4.1.3

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Today we are releasing eForm version 4.1.3 with a few bug fixes and fixing an issue with easySubmission add-on. Changelog 4.1.3 Fix – JS bug with dependent datepicker element. Fix – CSS issue with datepicker div, not being hidden under some theme. Fix – Compatibility issue with easySubmission add-on.

eForm Version 4.1.2 is live

We are releasing eForm version 4.1.2 with a couple of regression and bug fixes. Changelog eForm 4.1.2 Fix: Blank value appearance issue for inline element Fix: Stripe Elements appearance issue for dark themes As usual, if you are on version 4.0.0+, and have activated eForm, you will receive automatic update. Otherwise, kindly update manually.

eForm Version 4.1.1 is live

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We are happy to announce eForm version 4.1.1, with 3 enhancements, 1 bug fix and MailPoet 3 integration. We are rolling out the updates and it should come to you within 3-4 hours. Changelog New – Add Support for MailPoet 3. Update – Underline fill in the blank question in summary table. Update – Highlight […]

Releasing eForm 4.1.0 with Subscription Payment

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We are happy to announce that eForm v4.1.0 is out with various improvements and bug fixes. What we have focused on this release is the ability to have subscription payment. Stripe Subscription Payment Over time, we had received many requests for subscription payments. Now we have finally implemented it. Right now Subscription works only with […]

eForm Version 4.0.3 Release

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We are glad to announce that version 4.0.3 of eForm is ready and you will soon get update notification through your WordPress installation. This is a maintenance release and the changelogs are as follows. eForm 4.0.3 Changelog Fix – Issue with Guest Blog element placeholder. Fix – Issue with Guest Blog Editor toolbar modals. New […]