Releasing eForm version 4.13.0

eForm Version 4.13.0

With great pleasure we announce immediate availability of eForm version 4.13.0. It is a feature release and contains great many things, namely 6 new features, 2 updates and 4 bug fixes.

Improved Third-Party Integration

The most highlighted feature of this release is the ability to send custom fields data along with supported third-party integrations. Previously we could only send First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number to third-party providers like MailChimp, MailerLite etc.

custom fields in MailerLite integration

Now it is possible to map any eForm field to provider custom fields. So now you can, for example, send company name to MailerLite when adding a new subscriber. For more information, kindly give our update documentations a read.

WooCommerce Multi Product

Now it is possible to add multiple WooCommerce products to cart from an eForm. Previously we were limited by the ability to add only one product, but no more.

This has a great use case to map products into conditions and selectively adding them. Read our documentation to know more.

Better Scroll Management

  • You can disable scroll to invalid elements during form validation. Useful if you are adding your form inside sliders.
  • Add offset to all kinds of scroll. Useful if you have a fixed header in your site.
  • And some underlying bug fixes.

Improved Summary Table

improved summary table
  • Better title, subtitle and description layout in summary table. They appear in their own row to better accommodate submission data.
  • Better highlight of correct answers. We now fully support Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Thumbnail, Sortable, Single line input & Multi line input elements.
  • Better representation of score data.

Improved Stripe Integration

We have implemented capture based workflow for Stripe. Meaning, fund is first put to hold when authenticating. Once the form submits successfully, we capture the fund. This would result in less refund issues and uncaptured funds are automatically refunded in 7 days.

The changes are transparent. You don’t have to do anything from your side, it will just work™️.

That’s about it. If you want more details, you can head to our changelog page.