eForm version 4.14

eForm Version 4.14.0

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of eForm version 4.14. We have introduced features as requested by our customers and have also squashed a few bugs.

Instant Subscription

This is a customer requested feature. The problem was, you’d have to wait till a user submits the form to have them listed to your newsletter app. But what if, the user fills in the name and email but then decides to not submit the form? You’d lose a lead. Not anymore.

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With eForm v4.14, we have a new feature called Instant subscription. It will automatically add the user as soon as they finish up writing their name and email. For more information, kindly read our documentation.

Email Template

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We have made it very easy to edit and change how emails are sent for notifications and payment. All you have to do is copy over a few files and edit the HTML template itself. Do read about it in our documentation.

Responsive IFRAME Embed

If your forms are behaving weird or if your theme is breaking them totally, now you can embed forms using iframes instead. The problem was, iframes by default are not responsive with the height, so every now and then scrollbars would popup. But not for eForm anymore.

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Just enable this feature from gutenberg block or shortcode attribute and watch how your forms are embedded using iframes that automatically adjusts its height based on the form itself.

Apart from these changes, we have also squashed 3 bugs. Also eForm totally works with the jQuery changes made in WordPress 5.5 (since version 4.13 actually).