eForm v3.5 – A complete makeover

The time is finally here. We are proud to announce that we have released eForm v3.5 and it is now live at codecanyon. As already mentioned before, this version has seen quite a lot of changes.

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Material Inspired Form Themes


We have removed all of the legacy themes from eForm. Yes you have heard it right. Instead we have included material inspired light and dark color schemes. With over 38 preset schemes you should find one that works best for your website. If not, simply use the theme customizer to create your own.

Complete Admin Revamp

We have changed how the admin end of eForm looks and behaves. The form builder is now fast, slick and can easily work with over 100 elements.

New Form Elements

We have introduced repeatable form elements. It lets you group a number of elements together and eForm will let your user repeat it as many times he or she wants. You can also add validation and a maximum and minimum value to it.

Tweaked form elements

Mathematical elements can now have row or fancy appearance.

Mathematical elements can now have column identifier for repeatable and matrix type sources.

Every element can have its labels hidden or aligned centered.

Dropdown elements can have multiple options. We now use select2 to populate the dropdowns.

Single and Multiple options elements can have auto adjusting columns.

Redesigned icon buttons and links can now be opened in new tab or popup.

Password elements will reveal password if clicked on the eye icon.

Textarea (Feedback Large) elements can now have icons too.

Datepicker elements can have validation reference past or future to other datepicker elements.

New Functionality

Guest post element can have custom post meta and post status.

You can show admin remarks and submission ID in the user portal.

Progress bar can be positioned on bottom.

New Configuration

  • WooCommerce products can now be conditionally selected.
  • You can redirect to different URLs based on conditional logic.
  • New option to let user freely navigate through tabs.

Standalone forms

Now meta title and meta description can be altered for standalone forms. You can even add open graph data by specifying image and other settings.

Popup Forms

Now popup forms will use iziModal and iframe content so it will keep your website fast and would load an eForm only when needed. Also new styling are available for popup buttons.

URL and Zapier Integration

eForm v3.5 finally brings the power of custom URL and zapier integration. Read more about it here.