eForm Version 4.0 with many improvements

After months of hard work, eForm Version 4.0 is finally out. This has been a breaking release and comes with tons of new features. Before we go about them, let’s see some insights from out lab.

Project Insight

  • There has been a total of 320 commits.
  • A total of 43 issues were resolved.

The current language statistics are like this.

Improvements on Payment System

Version 4.0 was mainly focused on payment system improvements. We have implemented a better looking payment form, Authorize.net payment gateway, pricing table and estimation slider.

Payment Form Redesigning

Previous payment form was a bit heavy and took a lot of space. So we came up with a modern approach for the credit card form. Now it looks something like this.

As you can see, the design is heavily inspired from Stripe.js Elements and therefore all of the CC fields now look very much alike.

Stripe & PayPal Refactoring

Now both Stripe and PayPal requires address for CC verification. So we have implemented for both of them. Also Stripe payment is now processed through stripe.js, so you can forget about PCI compliances because the CC data never touches your server.

For PayPal and Authorize.net, CC info are processed but never stored. Just make sure you have SSL and you should be good to go.

Pricing Table Element

A new form element has been introduced called pricing table. You can find it under Multiple Choice Questions. You can add any number of tables with any number of custom attributes.

More over, there are two styles, 12 preset color schemes and the option to pick a color to create your own scheme. This makes it really configurable.

Read our knowledgebase article to learn how to set it up.

Payment Estimation Slider

To complement the payment system, we have introduced a new UI, Estimation Slider.

Once active, it will show a sliding interface to quickly show your user how much they are going to pay out of a maximum amount. More over you can have range instead of slider to show an approximate estimation.

Read more about it here.

Interactive Form Elements

Now you can channel the output of a form element’s value to any element’s title, subtitle or even option labels.

We call this feature piping, and it will really help you to create interactive type forms.

Read more about it here.

Input Masking

This has been a long due in our todo list. To really extend the existing validation system, we have provided a masking option. Now you can specify what exactly you want from your users.

Here is an example to show you what can be done with this. To implement, follow this guide.

Automatic Scoring on Feedback Elements

Up until now, feedback elements would only support manual scoring, where you, the admin needed to edit the submission and assign score. Well no more.

While manual scoring is still possible, you can now assign scores by string comparison method. Read here to learn more about this feature.

Automatic Plugin Update

Finally it is here. Now eForm provides automatic updates when activated through a valid purchase code. Right now, we do not require you to have extended support to get automatic updates. Once you have made a purchase, the updates will continue to work.

This would work just like WordPress.org repository. Behind the scene, it is sending a request to our own update server and once validated through your purchase code, receives the file. According to our license, one purchase code is valid for one domain only. So the automatic update for a particular purchase code would work only on one installation.

Summing Up

It’s been a great journey towards eForm version 4.0. We thank everyone for having the patience to wait for the release and to all those customers who have given us valuable feedback to improve our product.

We hope to bring more updates in future and now it will be just a click away to install.