Releasing eForm Version 4.6.0

We are happy to announce the release of eForm v4.6.0. It comes with improved user experience, faster form builder and some form design improvements.

Form builder improvements

We have further improved the overall UX of the form builder which we introduced in version 4.5. While doing so, we rewrote the whole architecture code and now it is way faster than before.

More over, we understand that a changed or new UX can be a bit overwhelming. So we have prepared a nice onboarding which you will see the first time you access eForm Builder. If you miss it, then you can always check it out later from the newly introduced help button.

To improve the element settings window, we have made it draggable, so that you can position it to your liking.

Do watch this video to get a quick introduction.

New Progress Button Style

Now for the forms, we have introduced a few new features. Most notably the new progress button designs.

You can choose from 5 available styles, including the old classic fullwidth button toolbar. You can change border radius and also use theme colors instead of grey color.

Gutenberg support

WordPress is going to release Gutenberg with its next major version bump. So we have made eForm compatible with it.

Right now, we are providing Form Embed, Popup Forms and Trends blocks, but soon we will migrate all available shortcodes to Gutenberg blocks.

WooCommerce Integration improvement

WooCommerce integration can now be clubbed with eForm payments, to conditionally active any one of two. This gives you options like letting user make a quick payment, or continue shopping experience.

Sandboxed admin pages

One other major improvement is sandboxing eForm admin pages. Many plugins would inject their globally specified codes to all over WordPress admin. This is really a bad practice and eForm has suffered from this. But not anymore. eForm now selectively disables css and javascript assets on pages it controls. So your conflicting plugin will keep on working, but it won’t load anymore on eForm admin pages.


Here are the full changelog.

  • New – Compatibility with WordPress Gutenberg.
  • New – Major improvement and complete rewrite of form builder UI and UX. Check our onboarding video.
  • New – More styles for progress buttons.
  • New – Onboarding tutorial when accessing Form Builder for the first time.
  • New – Optionally show WooCommerce payment status in summary table and in admin side View all Submissions.
  • New – Sandbox eForm admin pages from other plugins to avoid conflict.
  • New – Various new form templates.
  • Update – Sane default for a few form elements, including imageslider, thumbnail picker etc.
  • Update – Skip WooCommerce if product_id is empty, creating room for conditional one-page or WooCommerce checkout.
  • Fix – Center alignment for credit card container and stripe.
  • Fix – Datetime element not working in live form view.
  • Fix – Form Configuration being closed when uploading image.
  • Fix – Issue with CONFIG and STYLE change refresh.
  • Fix – Issues with Link Button form element.
  • Fix – Regenerate form custom css when version upgrades.
  • Fix – Set form width unit to pixel, when none is supplied.
  • Fix – Show error message when reCaptcha is not being set up correctly.

eForm version 4.5 is scheduled to be released by 18:00 IST today (2nd Sep). If you have activated eForm, then you will receive automatic updates. Otherwise you can always download from envato.