Releasing eForm version 4.7

We are thrilled to announce the release of eForm version 4.7.0. In this version, we focused on some improvements under the hood and we came up with the followings.

Using new WooCommerce API

WooCommerce v3 comes with a new CRUD API. Starting eForm v4.7, the new APIs and filters will be used. This gave us some opportunity to improve how WooCommerce orders placed from eForm is shown to the admin.

Encrypt password fields

eForm will always encrypt the values of password fields. It is up to you to decide whether you want them shown in summary table or not.

Manual Button Control

eForm has a built-in toolbar like form footer to have the progress buttons. We understand that it might not be what you always want. So we improved our old elements (Links and Buttons) to accept special values. Now you can use the same elements to manually progress through pages, submit, reset and what not.

Advanced DateTime Arithmetic with math element

With v4.7 we have been able to remove the restriction of having only ISO formatted date for math element to work. Apart from that, we have added many new preset variables. Now you can easily calculate, for example, the number of years since what user has entered in a datetime element. More information can be found here.

Full changelog

Version 4.7 comes with many other changes. Here’s from our log.

  • New – Add option to hide default Form Submit toolbar.
  • New – Convertkit integration with support for forms, sequences and tags.
  • New – New Buttons element to make form progress, jump to page, submit etc.
  • New – New preset datetime related variables for math element.
  • New – Option to disable eForm admin side sandboxing. Fixes conflict with hosting.
  • New – Option to hide password field values from summary table.
  • Update – Always encrypt the values of password field.
  • Update – Improve CSS build system by using autoprefixed SCSS.
  • Update – Migrate WooCommerce integration to the new CRUD system. No more deprecation notice.
  • Fix – Allow dash(-) in name validation.
  • Fix – Math element fancy tag issue on single page forms.
  • Fix – Piping tags not appearing for freetype elements in summary table.
  • Fix – Use elements from freetype for registration username.