New year with a new site

Hello everyone. First of all a very happy new year from our team. It is because of you, we have had a great year and looking forward to yet another year to come.

For the last few months (10 to be precise), everyone in our team has been working really hard to up our skill and come up with better product with newer technologies. We have had much success playing with today’s front-end tech and we are working hard to take eForm to the next level.

While we’ve been working on a brand new React version of eForm, we thought, we should take a break and do something else instead. This is when we came up with our new site.

It has been a pleasure working with the new theme. It is very modern in a way that we have used modern JavaScript libraries and tooling. The result was, obviously a faster site and we are hoping it would better present what our product has to offer.

We have been playing hard with react and for the past few months, internally we’ve been working on a tool to bring react to WordPress themes and plugins. The result, was born.

It gives me immense pleasure that we have open sourced our work and so far it has received great feedback from the community. If you want to bring modern front-end awesomeness to your WordPress plugins and themes, do give it a try.

What’s Next

This year, we plan to release the most awaited version 5 of eForm which will be completely based on Reactjs and super fast and scalable. At this point, we can not commit on a release date, but hopefully we will have a working version within 4-5 months.

Once again, a very happy new year and see you soon.