Releasing eForm version 4.8

Happy new years everyone 🎉💥. We are glad to announce that early celebration kicked off with a new release of eForm v4.8. This will probably be the last feature release of eForm till we rewrite our whole stack to version 5.0.

While we have frozen feature additions to eForm for last couple of months, we went an extra mile to add two often requested features.

Button like appearance for MCQs

Button like radio and checkboxes

Now radio and checkbox elements can appear as buttons. This has been requested many times, and finally we have it. To activate, simply check the settings.

Collapsible form builder sidebar

Many of our customers are using tabs to create forms. While the form builder works on screen sizes (above 700px), we understand having the wide sidebar could be too much.

collapsible form builder sidebar

So we added an option to collapse the sidebar if needed.


Here’s a complete changelog from our repo.

  • New – Option to collapse the form builder sidebar.
  • New – Button like appearance for radio and checkboxes.
  • Update – Form score now supports fractional values.
  • Fix – Server side conditional logic for password elements.
  • Fix – Limitation message not visible for logged-in users.
  • Fix – Manual submit button not working on single page form.
  • Fix – TinyMCE toolbar not visible under form builder settings.
  • Fix – Typo in Text element settings.
  • Fix – Signature element buttons.
  • Fix – Column alignment in material style.
  • Fix – File uploader upload button click area.